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 Rio Celeste Waterfall Tour $199 per person|Small groups

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​Come with us  to Rio Celeste Waterfall From the Tenorio Volcano National Park ranger station, the trail leading to the waterfall goes through lush forest along a nicely paved, flat path. After about 15 minutes, the pavement ends and turns to gravel, then a regular dirt trail. The hike to the waterfall is about 1h 30 minutes in total. Along the dirt portion, you will encounter some short steep areas, a small stream crossing, and lots of roots and rocks to navigate around.

This portion of the hike is fairly easy in difficulty.

Considered to be the Crown Jewel of Northern Costa Rica, the naturally blue river will amaze visitors who decide to  take the adventure to see this natural wonder.

Although a bit difficult to get to, it won’t be a disappoint… you will see something unforgettable!Located in the north west region of Guanacaste. The scenery is simply breathtaking so the trek will not seem as difficult as it is seems with the surrounding background acting as breathtaking backdrop. Soon however, it will be come apparent why the trek was worth it… the sound of rushing water.

Flowing the muddy trails, the first thing you will see is the exceptional waterfall.

The Rio Celeste at the base of the waterfall is a natural river of water that is a spectacular color of blue.


What's included?Transportation,Entrace fee,nature Guide,equipment and drinks.​


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