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  Venado's Caves  | $99 per person

The Venado caves are located close to the small village of Venado, about and 30 minutes drive from La Fortuna. Dating back over 7 million years, the Venado Caves are the direct result of water currents penetrating and passing through the surrounding limestone rocks. Over time, the continual flow of water opened crevasses and forced sediments to flow throughout the caves, leaving in it's wake an endless network of deep tunnels. So complex and deep, absolutely no light penetrates these caves, except for a few isolated incidents which are located in one of the quarters.

Venado Caves Tour from La Fortuna / Arenal Volcan. The caves were formed during the Miocene period, 15 or 20 million years ago. For many years they were under sea level and due to tectonic movements they surfaced. The Guatuzos aborigines discovered the caves. Limestone rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and corals, form most of the caves. The whimsical stone formations are formed by the underground river. The length of the tour into the caves is 1 ½ hour, during this time we will find marine fossils, and also bats, spiders and crickets. Because we will have to walk through the river and waterfalls from the upper part of the cave, we recommend our customers to take light clothes, hiking shoes and extra clothes to be able to change when they finish the exploration of the caves.


Includes: Transportation, Entrace fee,Guide, equipment, drinks and Fruits.

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