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 La Fortuna Night Tour|La Fortuna |Arenal  Region| $65

Costa Rica is well-known for its vibrant creatures of the day, more than 60 percent of the wildlife found in its tropical rainforests is nocturnal. Night tours aim at acquainting travelers with these creatures and the special adaptations they use to survive in the tropics. A flashlight in hand and a bilingual guide by your side, you’ll be led along the  forest trails as you search for insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and more.​


The Night Walk in Arenal/La Fortuna-Night Tours,La Fortuna is an amazing experience for everyone, if you want tp see tree frogs you will have a great time, and other rainforest Wildlife are most active and most easily observed at night. Over  28 species of frogs inhabits at the Reserve. carefully maintains native plants of Arenal to create needed frog habitat in this private Wildlife reserve of freshwater spring fed ponds.

Private Tours in La Fortuna

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