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La Fortuna Waterfall Tour  

La Fortuna Waterfall offers one of the most beautiful scenery in Costa Rica.  Located just 6 km outside La Fortuna town, this amazing waterfall is the perfect place for visitors to swim, relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding rainforest.

Downstream from the radiant 70 meter waterfall is a great swimming hole, surrounded by lush tropical forest, protected by the local conservation project.  Here you can enjoy a relaxing dip in calmer greenish-blue waters that make for a gratifying view.

The hike down to the waterfall is short, but somewhat demanding. 

It takes about 10 minutes to go down on a trail that leads through the forest with amazing sights, and around 20 minutes to get back up. 

Fortuna Waterfall
Solo travel Fortuna
Fortuna fall
La Fortuna Waterfall
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Fortuna Waterfall
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