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Laguna de Hule  $177
Laguna de Hule

Popularly referred to as the Hule Lagoon, this beautiful lagoon with 55 hectares of diameter is located at the base of the Cerro Congo Volcano, 11 km from the famous Poas Volcano. This area is renowned for its excellent trekking trails due to the variety of scenery and terrain, from clay, to dirt, volcanic rock, and grasslands in a rainforest at 800 m above sea level.

We depart from La Fortuna around 7:30 am, to drive 1.5 hours through the plains of San Carlos, on the outskirts of the Juan Castro Blanco National Park, until we reach the Hule Lagoon. On arrival, we will prepare for our expedition to the volcanic lagoons and begin our hike through the pastures that border the forest of the volcanic caldera of the Hule Lagoon. During the descent we will head into the exceptional rainforest of the area where we will enjoy incredible views of the primary and secondary lagoons. Along the 7 km circuit trail we will visit 2 of the 3 most important lagoons of the area, from 15 to 55 hectares in diameter.

After this amazing and intense 3-4 hour hike, we will arrive at the main observation point, where we will savor a delicious traditional Costa Rican lunch while enjoying the panoramic views of the Hule Lagoon. On the way back to La Fortuna, we will stop to view the magical waterfalls of the Toro Hydroelectric Project. These spectacular waterfalls range from 60 to 180 meters in height.

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